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The Smog Shoppe: LA’s Perfect Vintage Garden Wedding Venue

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With the right caterer, this unique venue surrounds guests with greenery, recycled furnishings, great food – and a memorable experience that’s far from smoggy.

The name is misleading but that’s what makes the place a pleasant surprise. The Smog Shoppe is in fact a lovely, very green, reuse-recycle event facility that is LEED certified (Platinum). It’s also an ideal venue for marking major life events such as weddings.

How so? The green, vertical garden walls – this venue at points envelopes visitors with vegetation – and sustainability ethos are about a positive outlook on the future. It was possible to turn this onetime vehicle exhaust-check station into a party place. So it’s not a stretch that celebrations here help couples envision the positive transformations that lie ahead in their own lives.

The Smog Shoppe is an indoor-outdoor venue, with 6,500 square feet of usable space. That includes a 60’ x 40’ garden courtyard (outdoors), a 65’ x 28’ grand hall (indoors, with 15’ ceilings), plus “magic closets” (restrooms), cinema lounge and valet drop off area suitable for grand entrances. A service prep area is centrally located for wedding caterers to easily accommodate sit-down and cocktail party guests. Formal dinners can accommodate up to 150 people and cocktail parties can be held for up to 250 people.

No one would mistake this venue for a hotel ballroom. The furniture is decidedly funky-chic, recycled from past lives into an eclectic collection that manages to make a cohesive statement to the effect of, “Welcome! Relax with us and have a good time!”

The green ethos of the Smog Shoppe, which is 100% solar powered, is best matched with healthier catering choices. The fact that this is regarded in the industry as the most green event venue in Los Angeles puts creative, “clean food” ideas in the minds of caterers in Los Angeles who engage with this space. With so much lush vegetation all around it only makes sense for the catering company to get creative with herbed salads, asparagus risotto, seared bok choy, and maybe a bite-size tostada.

The Smog Shoppe logo and much of the reclaimed furnishings used throughout have a definitively vintage (mid-century modern through the swingin’ 70s) feel. In fact, weddings and business events are frequently held that involve robins egg blue 1957 Thunderbirds or a cherry red Corvette of the same year. Corporate caterers love those themes because they lend themselves to some pretty and colorful menu ideas as well (deviled eggs and mini hamburgers come immediately to mind). It helps that the venue designers kept carburetor cleaners and fan belts in the design – a nod to the building’s previous incarnation.

The Smog Shoppe is a decidedly green venue with a surprising name. Event guests find it a delightful discovery, but party planners might appreciate it more because it is designed for turnkey event management. Located in downtown Culver City (2651 South La Cienega Boulevard), ask your preferred Los Angeles wedding catering company if they have experience with this location.

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