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From Catering to Venues, there are Benefits to Friday Weddings

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Saturday weddings are most popular, which is reason to consider a Friday wedding instead. For many reasons your guests might thank you.

There is nothing sacred anymore about getting married on a Saturday. Which is why more couples are contacting their wedding caterers about, instead, holding a Friday ceremony and reception.

Before we go into details on why Fridays (or Thursdays, or Sundays) might be a better day to tie the knot, consider how historically other days were the rule. In early American history Wednesdays were considered good luck for aristocratic couples. Working class Americans back then – which is to say, about 98% of people – married on Sundays because it was the only day they had off from work. The Puritans bucked that trend because Sunday was the Sabbath – which is kinda funny because Puritans weddings, bless their hearts, were fairly austere anyway. Guests brought their own mugs, spoons, and forks because party throwing was so uncommon they didn’t have enough service ware on hand for a large group.

Los Angeles wedding caterers of today put on events that have very little to do with 18th century New England. If there are religious considerations for which day of the week a wedding might be held, it could be on Tuesdays or Thursdays for very traditional Orthodox Jews. Some Middle Eastern and South Asian communities in America often celebrate over several days.

But increasingly, pragmatic American couples are looking at Friday weddings. Not just because Los Angeles wedding caterers may be more available then (they are, along with venues, clergy, DJs and flowers), but because it does their guests a few favors as well. Those include:

  1. If guests travel, they get the rest of the weekend to relax and visit places nearby.
  2. All guests, particularly close family members and friends, can enjoy the next-day brunch without having to rush off to catch a plane.
  3. Venue availability is much better. Corporate catering typically leaves Fridays off its calendar (business events are rarely held at the end of the week). For couples who don’t want to plan their events two years in advance it becomes possible to snag a dream venue with far less planning and money.
  4. Smaller guest lists are required. Some venues may require a minimum of, say, 200 people. So if you really only want (and want to pay for) 100 or 150 guests, they may allow that on Fridays.

Traditions evolve considerably over time around weddings, particularly in the American melting pot. So before committing to the rigidity of the “weddings are only held on Saturday” way of thinking, ask around by talking to wedding caterers, venue bookers, photographers, and clergy. You might find they too are more available to work on a different night of the week.

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